Best Games for your Holiday

If you’re anything like me you are in the stage of you’re life where the things that you want for Christmas, or (enter gift giving holiday here), are either way to expensive to ask someone for or you just have no idea what to ask for. The other end of that ever so violent pendulum is, what the heck do I get someone for that gift giving holiday?

This is a short list of great games for you to ask for and that are great gifts for anyone that even slightly enjoys board games, lets get started!

Love Letter


This is a phenomenal game that is great for those that aren’t that into games. This card game only has a handful of cards it can be played with up to 4 people and take only about 15- 20 min to play. In my experience though you end up playing this game for a few hours because of the amount of times you keep wanting to play. The objective is simple, all you have to do is be the last player at the end of each round by eliminating all other players or ending the round with the highest numbered card. the winner of each round is a warded a token of affection You play as many rounds as necessary till one player has received enough tokens to win the game. (number of winning tokens is based on number of players)



Countless times I have brought this game to game nights, family nights, gatherings of all kinds and the people love it. This is an Italian card game based on the Wild West, and by that I mean the cards are in Italian (there are subtitles). For Bang! there are three objectives based on who you play as in the game. The Sherif wants the outlaws dead, the outlaws want the sherif dead, and the Renegade wants to be the new sherif and must eliminate the outlaws and the sherif. There is a deputy role but they share the same goal as the sherif. Other then the sherif, the roles are hidden throughout the game. Using the cards you take turns shooting each other and figuring out who is who, Just like the wild wild west.

King Of Tokyo


This game is a perfect game for someone that likes board games but doesn’t alway have the patience to sit through and learn a bunch of crazy new mechanics and strange rules. This game mimics mechanics that exist in standard family board games. The objective of the game is to reach 20 victory points or eliminate  all the other players. This is done by rolling dice in a similar fashion to Yahtzee. Each player takes turns rolling dice to either gain life, energy cubes (in game currency), or attack other players, an excellent game for a gift.

Sushi Go


This game is perfect for just about anyone. I don’t think I have ever introduced this to someone that didn’t enjoy playing. The game only last about 15 min and is great for passing the time while sipping on some of granny’s eggnog. The objective of this game is to end up with the most points at the end of three rounds. Each card or “sushi” has a numerical value. Some of the cards are there own points while others need multiples of the same card to get the points. Each player starts with a hand and picks a card then passes their entire hand to the next player. Each player continues to dray cards and pass their current hand until all the cards are gone and the points a counted. Great game for the family and easy to pack for traveling.



Fluxx is just a “simple” card game… sort of. This is a game that starts off pretty easy but can get pretty crazy, very fast because the rules are constantly changing. The game objective is to have control of the cards that the goal card is asking you to have. During the game the goal card can be changed during any players turn so you don’t really know what kind of cards you should have control of throughout the game. If you don’t understand what I’m saying? Then it looks like you’ll just have to get the game and check it out for yourself. There is a great selection of different variations and themes of the game.



This game is all about kicking down doors defeating monsters and betraying your friends. The objective here is get to level 10. The way to get to level 10 is to defeat a monster but in the process other players can help you fight the monster or they can help the monster beat you, it just depends if you can bribe them enough or not. Much like Fluxx there are a ton of different versions of this game so find the version that best fits you or the one you are getting a gift for.

The Resistance


Fair warning for this game.. You will be yelling throughout the whole game. This game’s mechanics of this game are similar to mafia or werewolf if you are familiar with those games. There are two separate objectives for this game depending on what team you are on. If you are the resistance obviously your job is to pass the missions if you are the spies your job is to fail the missions first team to fail/succeed three missions wins the game. Here is the catch, the spies are…spies, so no one knows who the spies are except for the other spies. Its an awesome loud game but fair warning it might ruffle some feathers.



This last game is a great family game. The objective of this game is to find all the cures for the viruses that are spreading all over the world. It’s a co-op game where the players work together using their actions and country cards to help each other cure and eradicate viruses. Just make sure you do your best to avoid outbreaks and you might win!


Wrap up

Thats all I have today folks I hope this was helpful or entertaining or both or neither.. the point is, thanks for the read. If you have any questions on any of these games or would like a review on any of these games just let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow all of cardboards social media channels. Merry Christmas happy gaming and Hang Chilly.


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